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Technology strategy

Collaborated with senior leadership on L1 technology strategy

For a leading Layer-1 blockchain, Efiko was asked to support the CTO and his team in crafting out a long-term strategy. In the highly competitive Layer-1 landscape, it is incredibly difficult to stand out and differentiate oneself, but Efiko's strategic guidance aimed to address this challenge head-on.
Work done
We prepared weekly sessions in which we presented competitor analysis, technology roadmap evaluations, use case ideations, and crafted a future-proof design that will support a variety of use cases perfectly suited to the vision of our client. Our extensive analysis and iterative approach to strategy ensured that the client stayed ahead of trends, effectively capitalized on new developments in the blockchain industry, and was able to continually align with their core vision.
The end result was a robust, forward-thinking blockchain architecture that not only met current needs, but was also well-equipped to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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