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Liquid staking protocol

Created liquid staking protocol on leading BTC layer 2

On Bitcoin’s leading Layer two network, Efiko created a liquid staking derivative protocol to help scale the pegless Bitcoin bridging solution. As part of this effort, we participated in the renowned Bitcoin Startup Lab, a highly competitive accelerator program.
Work done
As a first mover, we pioneered the contracts in a new developing language (Clarity), developed a sound business case for the protocol, and created a governance token. As part of the Bitcoin Startup Lab, we have engaged with many mentors, conducted multiple customer interviews, and pivoted to our working product swiftly. The GTM strategy for the product was strategically planned, targeting early adopters and key stakeholders in the Bitcoin Layer two network.
Our efforts have helped to drive user adoption and stimulate growth, ultimately contributing to the scalability and efficiency of the pegless Bitcoin bridging solution in the L2 Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem and its overall success.

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