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Interoperability solution

Novel implementation funded by leading web3 interoperability project

Efiko was selected as one of the ten companies to participate in the first grant program for a leading blockchain interoperability solution. The grant was given to Efiko to build an interoperability solution, in which transactions could be send to multiple chains, a feature that is much needed in many Web3 products.
Work done
Most of the development work was in Flutter and Bouncy castle cryptography. We tested the product for a variety of use cases, including multi-chain transactions as well as capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities.
As a result of the diligent work done, Efiko successfully developed and deployed an interoperability solution that dramatically enhanced the multi-chain transaction capabilities for many Web3 products. This milestone not only confirmed Efiko's position as an innovator in the field but also accelerated the advancement of blockchain interoperability, paving the way for more complex and expansive use cases in the future.

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