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Easy smart contracts on Stellar

After ending as a finalist in the Stellar start-up bootcamp, Efiko received a community award to build a low-code smart contract development tool to make creating Soroban smart contracts easier and more secure.

Stellar has recently created a smart contracting platform called Soroban to allow contracts to be build ontop of Stellar network. An ecosystem of tooling is required to make Soroban accessible to developers and use-case builders.
Work done
Efiko has built a no-code functional smart contract builder which supports builders through a wizard to create a smart contract on Soroban. This allows builders to quickly create their smart contract code for their Stellar asset, reducing required effort and increasing security.
The tool is still under development but please follow progress on our discord, or on our website
This project can empower developers and users to tap into the ecosystem's potential with ease, fostering innovation, attracting a broader audience, and nurturing a thriving Soroban community. With its valuable contribution, the project has the potential to propel Soroban contract deployment forward and ensure long-term success.

Stellar Community Fund

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