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Airdrop Tooling

Developed an airdrop smart-contract and front-end tooling

For a leading L-1 platform, Efiko was asked to build an NFT airdrop platform that can conveniently be set up in a matter of minutes by anyone.
Work done
We have written the front end in React, for both the airdrop creator and participant. This included ng ‘connect/disconnect’ button and ‘create airdrop’ button. The latter includes parameters, like token contract with Merkle root, token metadata, airdrop end time, max numbers of tokens, and max numbers of claims per user. On the contract side, we have done a Merkle proof implementation, token ID incrementation, and more.
The completed NFT airdrop platform became a powerful tool, enabling users to swiftly and seamlessly establish their own airdrop campaigns with advanced customizable parameters. The efficiency and versatility of the platform significantly streamlined the process for both creators and participants, establishing Efiko's solution as an essential resource within the L-1 platform's ecosystem.

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