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  • Vincent McLeese

Tokenomics for UNICEF venture start-up

Efiko helped UNICEF ventures with navigating tokenomic design in order to help promising founders launch sustainable and scalable dApps.


From the client:

“We had an amazing time working with you and grew from considering the launching of a token and the dynamics around that.”

Keith Mandela, CFO Kotani Pay

Efiko provided excellent mentorship for our blockchain portfolio companies ranging from token design, launch strategy, more.

Meghan Rose Warner, Portfolio Strategist UNICEF Venture FUnd


The Challenge:

Kotani Pay, a UNICEF venture, is a Kenya based start-up that allows people to access blockchain technology to send and receive money without the need of internet connectivity or a bank account. They requested guidance on a tokenomic strategy and execution.

Work done:

Efiko performed guided the founding team through its bespoke tokenomics design framework to educate and co-create a sustainable tokenomics strategy aligned with the goals and outcomes of the product.


The detailed report included important insights which completed the valuation model and successfully supported the investment decision. Efiko's analysis also helped raise valuable points that the PE firm addressed with the target such as fake and doctored NFT transactions.

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