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  • Vincent McLeese

Helping Private Equity value a Web3 game

Efiko delivered detailed market, technical and tokenomic research for a major PE firm ($42B AUM) to help succefully guide them on taking a critical investment decision into a top 10 play-to-earn Web3 game.


From the client:

"Efiko provided the critical insights we missed which led us to a confident outcome - the Web3 knoweldge we needed at the right place and right time"

PE Client Project Lead


The Challenge:

In order to make a multi-million dollar investment decision, more information was needed to understand the valuation dynamics of play-to-earn Web3 games. This includes factors such as tokens, governance, and gaming mechanics.

Work done:

Efiko performed guided the PE firm in key questions and factors to include in the valuation model. A detailed due diligence was done including comparing the target to comparable games, on-chain analysis of transaction data, sustainability modeling, governance and tokenomic mechanics, etc.


The detailed report included important insights which completed the valuation model and successfully supported the investment decision. Efiko's analysis also helped raise valuable points that the PE firm addressed with the target such as fake and doctored NFT transactions.

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