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  • Vincent McLeese

Efiko and Gitcoin organized a hackathon to succesfully attract over 200 top developers to a major L1

Efiko organized a Hackathon together with Gitcoin to succesfully attract top dev talent to a major L1 ecosystem


From the client:

“The hackathon was a great success.. it saw huge traction and excellent strategy for onboarding new developers”

Blerta Avale, Experience & Operations at Gitcoin

The Challenge:

The CMO of a major L1 wanted to host a leading hackathon that would increase developer talent and activity on their chain

Work done:

Efiko created a strategic playbook and executed an end-to-end hackathon working closely with Gitcoin. Efiko was responsible for the theme, bounties, developer exerpience, and operational success.


The hackathon attracted 298 participants with 217 submissions, which beat initial targets by 200%.

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