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#BUIDL securely 

Commitment to Security 

One major issue in Web3 is the low quality of code leading to catastrophic hacks. Our CTO used to instruct engineers at NASA where a bug could be fatal. We borrow this same mindset in our development work to create high-quality code with speed and agility. 

What does #BUIDL mean? 
BUIDL is a warping of the word “build” in the same fashion as “HODL” (hold on for dear life). BUIDL is a call to arms for building and contributing to the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem, instead of passively holding.

We pick the right language
  • Rust

  • Solidity

  • Go

  • Secure Javascript

  • Haskell

We go the extra mile
  • Build on the latest innovations

  • Quantum resistance

  • Cutting edge cryptography (i.e. ZKP)

Our engineers previously worked at
  • NASA

  • Microsoft

  • BNP Paribas

  • Geeq Network

Get in Touch

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Nigellestraat 12

1032BN Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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